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Torch-on bitumen sheet membrane

Torch-on waterproofing is a highly effective and durable technique to protect your property. The membrane is a polymer modified bitumen sheet ranging in thickness and density from 3mm to 6mm for different applications. The sheets are applied by being “torched on” or heat-fused to the underlying substrate. This creates a  watertight  blanket  seal. This technique is often used on flat roofs to prevent water leaks, but it can be used for a variety of applications in both residential and commercial buildings, such as roof slabs, green roofs, balconies and patios and foundation or retaining walls and lift wells.

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New Construction

  • We bring quality you can trust to every single project, no matter what the size or scope. If you’re building a new home or business, you want to take care of waterproofing and anti-water damage measures the first time around. It’s in your favour to prevent water damage before it happens. By enlisting our waterproofing services for your new construction project, you are saving yourself headaches down the road.

Home Renovations

  • Water damage is a major task that happens all too often and costs valuable time and money. If your home has been damaged by water leaks or big storms, our team at PA Toms Waterproofing can help. We use the top tools and best materials to pressure clean, grind, prime, mesh, waterproof and recoat. We don’t leave any task unfinished, and we strive to give each and every customer the most complete job possible.

Commercial Projects

  • Trusted experts for commercial projects. Whether your investment or your company’s building suffered water damage, we can help make the proper fixes and prevent the same problem in the future.
  • Any remodelling or extension work can greatly benefit from our waterproofing services. We keep the water out and the satisfied customers in!

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